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N.O. Tunic - 1 0f 3


N.O. Tunic  - 1 0f 3
Naturally dyed, hand painted/stamped tunic using iron and oak gall

This unique and comfortable tunic was created using a multiple layered natural dye process. Yardage was hand painted/stamped with a thickened paste of ferrous sulphate (iron) then overdyed in a bath of oak galls to create rich designs. Linen fabric on the lower back is whole cloth dyed in oak galls and iron to create rich grey's.

This top fits loose as a small, medium and more to form as a large.
The knit jersey top allows for some stretch in the shoulders, back and arms.
The collar and arms are unhemmed.
The bottom hem is a finished circle with the front about 2 inches higher than the back.

Front: Knit Jersey Top (Lines), Linen Bottom (Lines and Circles)
Back: Knit Jersey Top (Lines), Linen Bottom (Grey)

Neck: 9"w
Bust: 21"w
Shoulder to Hem (front): 29'l
Shoulder to Hem (back): 30.5"l

This item is one of a kind.

Care: This item was created using natural dyes and is sensitive to light and pH shifts. It has been thoroughly washed in a pH neutral soap to prevent color bleeding. Spot test first before hand washing or spot cleaning with pH Neutral or gentle soap. Line dry away from sunlight. Item can be steamed or ironed on silk settings.